Download the Podcast to iTunes and (optionally) your iPod

Creative Planet's Digital Production BuZZ can now be automatically downloaded each week to your iTunes Library and iPod (if you're lucky enough to have one). You'll never miss a show and you'll always have something to listen to in iTunes or on your iPod. (Note: The first generation iPod can't play enhanced MPEG-4 AAC audio files so you'll need to subscribe to the MP3 podcast instead.)

How it works

Once you have subscribed, each show will be automatically downloaded to your iTunes Library. Then when you synchronize your iPod to your iTunes Library, the shows will be transferred. You can optionally do the update manually. Each AAC audio Podcast episode is enhanced with chapter tracks and links to the show notes in iTunes' album artwork area. There's more information about Podcasting and iTunes at and about Podcasts at Wikipedia.

What to do using iTunes (4.9 or later)

  • Update to the latest version of iTunes (if you need to)
  • Click this link to open iTunes and show our listing in iTunes' Podcast Directory
  • Click the SUBSCRIBE button

(Alternatively, to add the Podcast feed manually in iTunes, choose the Advanced menu and select Subscribe to Podcast. Then add the Podcast Feed URL shown below to the dialog box.)

What to do using Odeo

  • Visit our Odeo page
  • Click the Subscribe button
  • Log into your account to confirm the subscription

What to do using Transistr (formerly iPodderX):

When you first run Transistr, add a new Podcast by clicking the Add a Subscription feed button.

Enter the following data:

  • Subscription URL:

Click the Add button when you're done.